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Claiming Bitcoin Cash Tokens

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What is Bitcoin Cash?

On August 1, 2017 the Bitcoin network experienced a User Activated Hard Fork (UAHF), resulting in Bitcoin "splitting" into two separate cryptocurrencies - Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH). On this date, Bitcoin Cash was made available to all existing Bitcoin private key owners. For example, if you had 1 BTC at the time, you were eligible for 1 BCH.


CoinJar's Bitcoin Cash Support

Due to the security risks and technical challenges involved, CoinJar chose not to provide immediate support for Bitcoin Cash. Instead, CoinJar members were invited to withdraw their Bitcoin funds before August 1 if they wished to take part in Bitcoin Cash. 

July 19 Announcement

July 28 Announcement

Since August 1, our Engineering Team has been able to arrange a safe method for CoinJar customers to claim and later receive Bitcoin Cash tokens. 


Claiming Bitcoin Cash Tokens

If you had a Bitcoin balance in your Everyday Bitcoin on August 1 that was larger than 0.06 BTC, you are eligible to claim Bitcoin Cash tokens at a 1:1 ratio as of August 21, 2017. Please refer to our latest announcement below for details.

August 11 Announcement - BCH Token Claims

  1. Sign in to your CoinJar and select Everyday Bitcoin.
  2. Under 'Actions', choose 'Claim BCH...'.
  3. Follow the instructions carefully to ensure your Bitcoin Cash claim is processed correctly.

Please take note that Bitcoin Cash withdrawals will not be processed instantly, and may take up to 2-3 weeks to be distributed. 

Bitcoin (BTC) amounts stored within CoinJar during the UAHF have not been affected by the creation of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) tokens. Choosing to claim/withdraw your Bitcoin Cash (BCH) tokens will have no influence over your Bitcoin (BTC) balance. 






Future Bitcoin Cash Support

Although we are able to allow a single Bitcoin Cash claim for eligible CoinJar members, at this point in time Bitcoin Cash support is not planned for the CoinJar platform.

Besides the single withdrawal to an external Bitcoin Cash address, it will not be possible to send, receive, or store Bitcoin Cash using CoinJar. 



Updated: 30 Aug 2017 (AS)

Reviewed: 30 Aug 2017 (AS)

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