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Reasons for a pending BPAY transfer

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There are a number of reasons your BPAY transfer may be showing as 'pending' in your Cash Account. As follows is a list of the most common. 


The BPAY transfer is larger than your current daily limit

By default, all CoinJar members will have a daily BPAY limit of $2,500. Any incoming bank transfers that exceed your daily limit will need to be approved manually. Please note that because payments can only be approved in full, our Security Team must wait the same number of days it would typically take to approve this amount. For example, a $5,000 BPAY transfer can be approved two days after arriving at CoinJar. 

Request a manual approval of funds


Your daily BPAY transfer limit has been depleted

Daily limits are on a rolling 24 hour time frame, and if we receive multiple BPAY transfers from you within 24 hours, this can cause some delays while the payments wait patiently for that daily limit to reset. Our Support Team cannot typically expedite transfers in this case, however it is possible to apply for increased limits. 

Managing your daily limits


You've sent funds from a credit account

Due to the payment risks and processing fees involved in credit transfers, CoinJar does not currently accept any BPAY transfer from credit accounts. If you've accidentally made a payment, please contact our Support Team so they can assist further. 

Submit a new Support request


Your transfer is still being reviewed

As part of our fraud prevention initiatives, all BPAY transfers sent to CoinJar will undergo security reviews. This typically doesn't last longer than 12 hours - in most cases being completed within the hour. This review period length will reduce as you continue making more regular transfers. 

Internal review times for bank transfers


For more details on BPAY, please refer to our dedicated Knowledge Base article on bank transfers:

Depositing funds from your bank account to CoinJar : BPAY transfers


If your BPAY transfer isn't showing up in your Cash Account at all, it's likely those funds haven't reached CoinJar yet. If you've transferred less than $10, or your BPAY transfer has been pending for more than 48 hours, please contact our Support Team to discuss further.


Updated: 17 Aug 2017 (AS)

Reviewed: 17 Aug 2017 (AS)

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