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Sending BPAY Biller Payments using CoinJar

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Using your CoinJar, you can make payments to any BPAY Biller within Australia. This can be used to make a BPAY payment using bitcoin - CoinJar will automatically convert the amount into Australian dollars to complete this transfer. 

This is not to be confused with making a BPAY deposit into your CoinJar from your bank account. More details on this can be found on our other article Depositing funds from your bank account to CoinJar


Adding a BPAY Biller

  1. Sign in to your CoinJar and navigate to your Contacts
  2. Under 'Your BPAY Billers', select 'Add new BPAY Biller'. 
  3. Follow the prompts - you'll need to provide a BPAY Biller Code, Reference Number, and add a Biller Nickname for your own reference.  
Please note that you must have completed ID verification in order to send Payments to a BPAY Biller. 

Sending Payments to your BPAY Biller

Once you've added a BPAY Biller, sending funds to them is the same as sending Payments to one of your Contacts. 

  1. Sign in to your CoinJar and navigate to your Payments.
  2. Under the 'Pay' tab, select the account you wish to transfer funds from.
  3. In the 'Send to:' field, begin typing your BPAY Biller's Nickname and it will be suggested automatically. 
  4. Enter the amount you wish to transfer, and select 'Confirm'. Provided you make your payment before 3:59pm (Sydney time), the payment will be sent out the same day.

Payments sent to BPAY Billers encounter fees ranging from 0.5% - 1.0%, depending on the account you're sending from. Please refer to our CoinJar Fees article for further details. Fees are always removed from the account you're sending from, rather than the actual amount you're sending. 


Additional Information

Please note that BPAY Biller payments cannot be made to other CoinJar accounts - the best way to transfer funds between CoinJar accounts is sending directly to that CoinJar member's username. 

Paying BPAY Billers using CoinJar can earn you CoinJar Points. Currently, CoinJar Points are earned at a rate of 1 per every $5 sent. So paying a $125 BPAY Biller using your CoinJar would earn 25 CoinJar Points. 



Updated: 27 Sep 2017 (AS)

Reviewed: 27 Sep 2017 (AS)

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