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Withdrawing funds to your bank account

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Covering how to transfer funds from your CoinJar to your personal bank account. 

With funds available in your CoinJar, you may wish to send those funds to your personal bank account. To begin this process, you'll first need to link your personal bank account with your CoinJar. 


Region selection

CoinJar currently supports fiat currency transfers from multiple regions, each with their own dedicated transfer methods. Please select your region to begin.


Australia / Other



Transferring funds to your Australian bank account

With your bank account linked, you can transfer funds to it much like transferring funds between your regular CoinJar accounts

  1. After signing in to your CoinJar, select 'Payments'.
  2. There are three options available; 'Pay', 'Request' and 'Transfer.' Choose 'Transfer'.
  3. Select the account you wish to transfer funds from. 
  4. Select your linked bank account.
  5. Enter the amount you wish to transfer. This can be in your local currency, or bitcoin. CoinJar will automatically convert from bitcoin if required.
  6. Select 'Review and Confirm' for an instant quote. You can attach a note for your personal reference if you wish.
  7. Select 'Pay now' to transfer the amount to your bank account. 

For details of when you should expect to receive the withdrawal take a look at our dedicated article, CoinJar's bank transfer timeframes.




Transferring funds to your non-Australian bank account

CoinJar currently supports the ability to transfer funds to Australian bank accounts exclusively. Members from other regions can instead transfer bitcoin from their CoinJar by making a new payment.  


Updated: 04 Oct 2017 (SS)

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