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Introducing CoinJar Touch for iOS

Adrian (Melbourne) -

Introducing the best way to view your CoinJar on your iOS Device.

CoinJar Touch is an everyday bitcoin payments app. Wherever you are, you can make instant payments and transfers on a simple and secure interface.

CoinJar Touch is built to give you control over your money. Whether you're looking to make payments, manage your funds, or even sign up to CoinJar on the go, CoinJar Touch has you covered. 

Download CoinJar Touch for iOS


Signing up to CoinJar

If you're not yet a member, you can easily set up your new CoinJar from your iOS device. 

Signing up using CoinJar Touch


Making payments

With CoinJar Touch, you can sign in to your CoinJar and easily manage your accounts and payments, no matter where you go. Along with the ability to search for another CoinJar member using their username, you can generate and scan QR codes, making sending and receiving bitcoin payments faster than ever before.    

Sending funds using CoinJar Touch

Receiving funds using CoinJar Touch


Supported devices

CoinJar Touch for iOS works on iPhone 4 through iPhone 6 / 6 Plus running iOS 7.1 and above.  

While the CoinJar app will likely run on jailbroken devices, we cannot guarantee proper functionality or security for customers using such devices.  Customers using jailbroken devices will see the following message when they open the CoinJar app:

This appears to be a jailbroken device. We cannot guarantee the security of your CoinJar on this device.


Updated: 30 Jun 2015 (AS)
Reviewed: 30 Jun 2015 (AS)

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