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Topping up your Swipe

Adrian (Melbourne) -

Much like your Everyday Bitcoin and Cash Account within your CoinJar, once you sign up to CoinJar Swipe, you'll also have a Swipe Account. Whenever you make a purchase using your Swipe card, funds will be pulled from this Swipe account.

To top up your Swipe account, you can simply transfer funds from another of your accounts. Please take a look at the following Knowledge Base article for further information.

Transferring funds between accounts.

If you do not yet have any funds available in your accounts, you'll first need to transfer funds from your linked bank account

At times, it can take up to approximately 15 minutes for CoinJar's card provider to acknowledge new Swipe loads. During this time, your funds will be shown as "pending" in your Swipe account, however they're typically able to be spent a few seconds after you've made the transfer, despite the "pending" alert. 


Updated: 6 Nov 2015 (AS)

Reviewed: 18 Feb 2016 (AS)

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