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Understanding CoinJar's fees

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The following information details the fees associated with using your CoinJar.

Incoming Payment and Deposit Fees 

The below table details the fees associated with receiving payments, including deposits, in to your CoinJar.

Method Fee
Receiving bitcoin No fee
BPAY deposit (Australia only) No fee*
European Economic Area (EEA) credit/debit card (United Kingdom only) 2.9% fee

*BPAY transfers from a credit account will encounter payment processing fees. Please refer to our Knowledge Base article on bank transfer information for further details. 


Outgoing Payment and Transfer Fees

The below table details the fees associated with making payments, and transferring between your CoinJar accounts.

Bitcoin transaction (mining) fees are required for transfers to external bitcoin addresses. Please refer to our Knowledge Base article for further details. 

**Transfers involving any currency exchange are subject to CoinJar's transfer (exchange) rates

    From account:
    Everyday Bitcoin Cash Account Hedged Account

Paying /

transferring to:

External Address Transaction fee Transaction fee & 1%** Transaction fee
CoinJar Customer No fee 1%** No fee**
Everyday Bitcoin N/A 1%** No fee**
Cash Account 1%** N/A 1%**
Hedged Account No fee** 1%** No fee**
Swipe No fee** 1% No fee**
BPAY Biller 0.5%** 1% 0.5%**
Bank Account 1%** No fee. 1%**


Product Fees

For product specific fees, please refer to the dedicated article:


Updated: 27 Sep 2017 (AS)
Reviewed: 27 Sep 2017 (AS)

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