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Linking your personal bank account

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Covering how to link your personal bank account for withdrawals from CoinJar.

In order to be able to transfer funds from your CoinJar into your personal bank account, you'll first need to confirm you've entered your correct bank account details and that the bank account itself is able to receive deposits from your CoinJar.


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Linking your Australian personal bank account


When linking your personal bank account, CoinJar will send two small deposits to your bank account. Entering the amounts of these transfers into your CoinJar will allow you to successfully link the account.

  1. After signing in to your CoinJar, select "Settings" from the left hand menu.
  2. Navigate to the Linked Bank Accounts section and select 'Add bank account'.

  3. Enter your personal bank account details including name, BSB and account number, and the nickname you wish to give the bank account within CoinJar.
  4. Select 'Link this bank account'.

  5. CoinJar will now transfer two small deposit amounts to your bank account. These will arrive within three business days.
  6. When you receive your deposits, you can return to the Linked Bank Accounts section of your Settings. Select 'Verify now' next to the account that requires verification.

  7. Enter these two amounts that were sent to your bank account and select 'Verify'. 

Once complete, your bank account has now successfully been linked to your CoinJar Account. You can now transfer funds from any of your accounts within CoinJar to your personal bank account.


Ineligible bank accounts

CoinJar are unable to verify the following bank accounts:

  • Bank accounts not held in your name. Bank accounts held in joint are acceptable.
  • Bank account details that are issued for the purpose of topping up pre-paid cards (e.g. gift cards, travel cards, prepaid credit cards).



Linking your United Kingdom personal bank account

CoinJar currently supports the ability to link Australian bank accounts exclusively. International CoinJar members can instead transfer funds from their CoinJar as bitcoin by making a new payment.  


Updated: 24 Apr 2017 (AS)

Reviewed: 5 May 2017 (AS)

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