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Covering bitcoin address generation, sending Payment Requests, and receiving bitcoin payouts.

If you wish to request a payment from another person, you can send them a CoinJar payment request. Payment requests are sent as emails and allow you to specify the currency type and amount you wish to receive. This is a great way to request specific funds from other CoinJar users. If the person is not yet a CoinJar customer, they'll be invited to sign up in order to complete the payment. 

You can also generate and provide others with a CoinJar bitcoin address. Bitcoin can be sent to this address from any bitcoin wallet, and will automatically be added into your Everyday Bitcoin account. 


Requesting a payment

  1. After signing in to your CoinJar, select 'Payments'. 
  2. There are three options available; 'Pay', 'Request' and 'Transfer.' Choose 'Request'.


  3. Select the account you wish for your incoming payment to be sent to. At this stage, only Everyday Bitcoin can receive payment requests. 
  4. Enter the CoinJar username or email address of the person from whom you wish to request a payment. 


  5. Enter the amount you wish to request. This can be in your local currency, or bitcoin.


  6. Select 'Review and Confirm' for an overview of your request. You'll be given a chance to attach a note if you wish. Select 'Request now' to send your request. 

That's it! Your request will be sent immediately as an email. 


Generating a bitcoin address

  1. After signing in to your CoinJar, select 'Accounts'.
  2. Choose your Everyday Bitcoin account.

  3. Select the 'View address' button next to the 'Actions' dropdown menu in order to view your CoinJar's generated receiving bitcoin address. This can be shared with anyone in the world, and any bitcoin sent to this address will be added to your Everyday Bitcoin account.

Each time you select 'View address', a new bitcoin address will be generated. Since all bitcoin transactions and addresses can be viewed publicly on the bitcoin blockchain, using new addresses for each incoming payment is a simple solution to keep your bitcoin activity as private as possible. 

Although you will not be able to see your previously generated addresses, these details will always be linked with your CoinJar. This means you can safely distribute the addresses you generate within CoinJar for future use and the funds sent to them will always arrive safely. 


Receiving Payouts with CoinJar

Due to the way CoinJar's wallet system operates, it does not support payouts.

CoinJar uses various different addresses to send bitcoin, not necessarily the bitcoin wallet address you've generated. As some external services are automatically configured to return payouts to this sending address, this can lead to bitcoin not being returned to your CoinJar Account.

Due to this, we do not recommend you use your CoinJar for bitcoin mining or gambling websites. You can instead use an offline wallet for these payouts, and then transfer your bitcoin to your CoinJar. If you have any questions regarding this, please reach out to our Support Team.


Updated: 18 Feb 2016 (AS)

Reviewed: 04 Oct 2017 (SS)

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