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Introducing profiles and contacts

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Covering usernames, your personal profile, and contacts.

When you first sign into CoinJar, you'll be asked to select a unique CoinJar username. This username can be shared with other CoinJar members for easily sending and requesting payments. Be sure to give your username some thought - once it has been set, you won't be able to change it. 


Your public profile

When others view your public profile, they won't be able to access your personal details - only your username and profile photo. You can safely share your CoinJar username with other CoinJar users, as it is never used to sign in to your account.

Manage your public profile


Your contacts

Within your CoinJar, you can add other people's CoinJar usernames as contacts. This will allow you to easy send them payments from both the CoinJar website, and CoinJar Touch.

Manage your contacts



Updated: 14 May 2015 (AS)
Reviewed: 29 Jun 2015 (AS)

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