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To be eligible for CoinJar Swipe, you must have your own verified CoinJar Account. At this stage, CoinJar Swipe is for use in Australia exclusively. To learn more about CoinJar Swipe, please take a look at our Knowledge Base article Introducing CoinJar Swipe.


Ordering a Swipe card with bitcoin / Australian dollars

  1. Once signed in to your CoinJar, navigate to your Accounts.
  2. Underneath your existing Accounts is an invitation to order a Swipe card. Select this to begin. 
  3. You'll be asked to confirm your personal information and delivery address.  You should consider the PDS (Product Disclosure Statement) before confirming your order.
  4. After selecting 'Continue', you'll be required to make a transfer of at least $29 (the cost of a new Swipe card) to your Swipe Account to complete the order.

    Depending upon which account you transfer from, you may incur a small fee. Please see our dedicated transfer fees page for details. For example, if you're transferring directly from your Cash Account you should send at least $30 to complete your order.

    Any additional funds you send will be available in your Swipe Account once your card is activated.
  5. Select 'Pay now' and confirm your pre-load.

With your order now submitted, you'll receive your Swipe card within the next 15-20 business days. During this time, your card is being printed, encoded and mailed to your requested delivery address. 


Ordering a Swipe card with CoinJar Points

If you don't yet have a CoinJar Swipe, you can use CoinJar Points to complete your order. 

  1. Complete steps 1 - 3 of the process described above - entering your personal details for the new Swipe order.
  2. Before paying the $29 amount, head back to the Accounts section of your CoinJar. You will be shown "Only one step left until your CoinJar Swipe order is complete! Complete order now". Selecting this link will take you back to the Transfers page. 
  3. You'll now be given the option to 'Get card for free', which will allow you to use CoinJar Points to redeem a Swipe card instead of paying the $29. At this point in time, a partial payment using CoinJar Points isn't possible - you will need to be able to cover the full amount using CoinJar Points. 


Activating your CoinJar Swipe

  1. Once your Swipe card arrives in the mail, sign in to your CoinJar to begin.  Take care when revealing your PIN, as it can be a bit stubborn.  We've got an article to guide you through revealing your PIN.
  2. Your Swipe Account will currently be showing as "Activate card...". Selecting this will allow you to enter your Swipe card's number and expiry date. 
  3. You'll also be required to read and agree to the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS). Select 'Activate card' to finish up and start using your new CoinJar Swipe.


Updated: 15 Sep 2017 (AS)

Reviewed: 15 Sep 2017 (AS)

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