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Using your Swipe to spend and withdraw

Adrian (Melbourne) -

CoinJar Swipe can be used at any EFTPOS terminal Australia wide. You can use your Swipe card to go see a movie, pick up some groceries, or shout your friend a coffee. You can also withdraw cash for free if you are given the opportunity to do so during purchases.

If you're looking to withdraw cash from your CoinJar Swipe without making a purchase, you can do so using any Australian ATM. Just be sure to check how much you'll be charged for the withdrawal, as this fee can vary depending on which ATM you use.


Using CoinJar Swipe Overseas 

CoinJar Swipe is currently an EFTPOS only card, without Maestro capabilities. This means it cannot yet connect to the Cirrus network, which is what most commonly allows Australian cards to function overseas.

As we continue to develop and expand CoinJar Swipe, we'll be looking for ways to improve its global reach.


Updated: 18 Feb 2016 (AS)

Reviewed: 18 Feb 2016 (AS)

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