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Accessing your bitcoin addresses

Adrian (Melbourne) -

In order to view an address that can be used to send bitcoin to your CoinJar wallet:

  1. Sign in to the CoinJar web app.
  2. Select your 'Everyday Bitcoin' account.
  3. Select 'View address' next to the 'Actions' dropdown menu.

The address will be displayed in both QR code format, as well as an alphanumeric string which can be copied.

Each time you select 'View Address' within your CoinJar, a new bitcoin address will be generated and any of your previous bitcoin addresses can no longer be viewed. This is different to CoinJar's original functionality, where bitcoin addresses could be labelled and saved for future use.


Keeping bitcoin activity private

Utilising a single bitcoin address to receive payments is typically not advised for long term use, due to the ability of a third party to monitor bitcoin addresses and their activity on the public blockchain. By actively generating and using new addresses for each incoming bitcoin payment, you're able to keep your bitcoin activity as private as possible. 


CoinJar-generated bitcoin addresses are always linked to your account

Rest assured, although you will not be able to see your previously generated addresses, these details will always be linked with your CoinJar. This means you can safely distribute the addresses you generate within CoinJar for future use and the funds sent to them will always arrive safely.

Receiving payments


Updated: 17 May 2016 (AS)

Reviewed: 26 Jul 2016 (AS)

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