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Managing your Swipe PIN

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Changing your PIN

As it stands, the four digit PIN assigned to your CoinJar Swipe cannot be customised either prior to ordering, or after you've received your card. For this reason, keeping your PIN secure is quite important. It's recommended that you destroy your PIN documentation once you've memorised it.

If your Swipe card is ever lost or stolen, or you suspect your PIN has been compromised, you should immediately follow the instructions outlined in our article, Replacing your Swipe Card.


Recovering a forgotten PIN

If you find that you can't quite remember your PIN you may use our card partner, Emerchants', PIN recovery service.

  1. Visit  Ensure you see your browser's secure / encrypted connection padlock appear before you enter any information.
  2. You'll be asked to confirm your card number, last name and date of birth. Enter these details then select 'Continue'.
  3. The next screen advises that a security code will be sent to your CoinJar-registered email address.  Select 'Continue' and await the email.
    Keep this page open as you'll need to return here in a moment.  If you don't see the email in your inbox after a few moment, check your spam / junk folder.
  4. Enter the 8-digit security code in to the PIN recovery page within 15 minutes of receipt then select 'Continue'.
  5. After a moment you should see a confirmation screen displaying four padlocks. Select each padlock in order to reveal your PIN, one number at a time.
  6. Select 'Exit' and close your browser to ensure the privacy of your PIN.


Updated: 18 Feb 2016 (AS)

Reviewed: 18 Feb 2016 (AS)

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