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Can I sign up to CoinJar in my country?

CoinJar itself is a globally accessible bitcoin wallet. No matter where you're living, you can sign up and use CoinJar to send, receive, and store bitcoin. 

We also offer Hedged Accounts, which allow you to store your bitcoin as an alternative currency - locking those funds to that pricing rather than having them affected by any fluctuation in the value of bitcoin. In order to remove funds from a hedged account, they must be converted back into bitcoin and sent to an external bitcoin address. 

More about Hedged Accounts


Using CoinJar for bank transfers and currency conversion

If you wish to use CoinJar as a currency exchange, or to send/receive from a bank account, this is something we can only provide once ID verification has been completed. Because we're able to offer bank transfers to Australian bank accounts exclusively at this stage, it isn't possible to complete ID verification if you're not located within Australia. 

More information on completing ID verification

If you are not currently residing within Australia, but have an Australian bank account, please contact our Support Team who will be able to assist with manually completing your ID verification. 


Future expansion

As CoinJar continues to expand globally, we will be providing bank account and ID verification support for more countries internationally. Any news on this will be shared on the CoinJar Blog, and via the CoinJar Newsletter. If you're ineligible to complete ID verification at the moment, we welcome you to sign up for a CoinJar all the same, to reserve your CoinJar username and stay in touch for updates. 



Updated: 25 Aug 2017 (AS)

Reviewed: 25 Aug 2017 (AS)

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