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Introducing Payments

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Covering how to send and receive funds using your CoinJar.

To use your CoinJar to complete a transaction, pay a bitcoin address, or even transfer to someone else who uses CoinJar, you can make a new payment.   

Payments can be made from any of your accounts, to any other CoinJar customer or bitcoin address. You can also send from your Cash Account to a bitcoin address, and CoinJar will instantly convert the funds and make the bitcoin transfer automatically.

Sending payments


Payment Requests

If you wish to provide someone with a quote (let's say the restaurant you're at is unable to split the bill), you can send them a new payment request. Enter their details, your preferred currency, and the amount, and they’ll receive an email with payments details and a QR code for convenient payment. 

Requesting payments


Converting funds

To convert funds into a different currency, you can simply create a new 'Transfer' from one of your accounts to another. For example, to purchase bitcoin you can transfer any amount from your Cash Account into your Everyday Bitcoin. After you've been provided with a quote, those funds will be converted instantly. 

Transferring funds between accounts


Transferring funds to your bank account

If you need to withdraw funds from your CoinJar to your personal bank account, simply make a new transfer from any of your accounts to your linked bank account. Once again, CoinJar will convert any amounts that aren’t in the same currency as your bank account. 

Transferring funds to your bank account

Transferring funds from your bank account


Updated: 4 Oct 2017 (SS)

Revised: 4 Oct 2017 (SS)

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